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Halloween Ramen 2017 [Limited offering]

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This is a seasonal special item. We have limited 40 servings. 
Minimum order quantity is 3 for Halloween Ramen 2017.

About the Ramen
It comes with whole chicken and butternut squash broth. We chose butternut squash for its smoothness and sweetness which we thought would go well with ramen soup.
What's special?
We used whole chicken as the main part of the broth and added butternut squash after steaming it with sake in order to highlight its sweetness. We made sure to extract chicken's umami necessary for a ramen broth, while figuring out how to highlight the flavors and sweetness from the pumpkin.
The main topping is the chicken thigh Chashu. We maintained its nice texture while adding an accent with cheese wrapped inside the chicken thigh. Garlic-flavored croutons add both texture and accent. The freshness of Italian parsley helps you enjoy the soup until the end. Enjoy the Halloween festivity with bat-shaped red cabbage.
・1 Noodle pouch
・1 Broth pouch
・Chashu (Marinated chicken thigh)
・Garlic-flavored croutons
・Italian (flat-leaf) parsley
・Red cabbage