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Umami Shoyu Ramen

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About the Ramen

Chicken broth combined with Chicken broth combined with hint of seafood and vegetable soup stock

What's special
We slow-simmered our chicken broth over time for the best possible umami flavor. Each bath of broth is cooked to perfection. We add generous amounts of soup stock extracted from a variety of carefully-picked vegetables and dried fish carvings, giving our soup its signature balanced and delicate flavor.

・Pork Chashu (Marinated braised pork)
・Menma (Braised bamboo shoots)
・Naruto (Fish cake)
・Green onions
・Nori seaweed

Suggested toppings
・Boiled egg
・Red onions
・Baby spinach

For further suggestions for cooking or topping ideas, please visit Ramen Hero recipe.